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I’ve been meaning to share the gesture a older and wise man made during my birthday in New York. My friends and I were at brunch in Greenwich Village and we spotted an older couple sitting next to the window. We were looking at the amazing brunch dishes they had in front of them, just to see what we would order. As they caught us looking at their food, they gave us some great advice.


"Life is a celebration," the older man said. And as we all nodded our heads, he continued to say, "You’re too young to understand," in a jokingly matter. "Happy birthday," he ended.

As moments went by, he was leaving with his wife and came over to me to say, “Happy 18th birthday.” And as I laughed and said, “Thank you,” he was gone.

Seconds later, the waiter comes to our table and said, “I’ve been stalling to give you the check because… the older man took care of it.”

Inside of the bill holder was not a receipt listing what we owed, but rather a “Happy Birthday!” that the older man had wrote for me.

Emotions went all throughout my body and I’ve never felt that much gratitude. Even as I left the restaurant to chase him in wanting to give him a hug, he was already gone, walking through the streets of The Village with his wife.

This was such a simple gesture and a simple moment, that really made my day.

New York, I love you. Not because of your amazing skyline, awesome black coffee or your fashionable ways. But, because… what the older man did, is something I will never forget and will be able to say, “Remember that time when I brought in my 24th year inside of New York?”… from now on.

effortless living

Here are some outtakes from the photo shoot I styled + photographed the other day! This week, yoga teacher Hailey Miller & I got to play with some looks in Dolores Park.


I decided to style lululemon’s effortless &go collection with the vestigan + shine tight (roll down) in fuel green. The good to go tee is one of my absolute faves from the collection right now. It’s got a perfect length that sits on your hips and can be easily paired with any amount of necklaces.


&go is designed to take yoga teacher Hailey Miller from down dog in Dolores Park to work and then out to dinner. &go marries technical fabric with on trend silhouettes. you’re busy living life. we get it.


photography + styling by lexie tiongson / the elle tee

the sweater life

So I’m pretty much obsessed with this sweater because it reminds of that one piece in your wardrobe you’d wear only during the fall season.


Here, Kiri’s rocking it out as a to and from yoga look with some Wunder Unders and Minnetonkas.


lululemon: the sweater life / photography by lexie tiongson / modeling by kiri jones

boxing with george kontos

Had a chance to collaborate with San Francisco Giants player, George Kontos, for lululemon! We did a boxing photo shoot at Studiomix a couple weeks ago and screen printed this design specifically for our athletic men in San Francisco.


It’s one of my favorite shirts I’ve designed so far!


photography by lexie tiongson for lululemon athletica / modeling by george kontos, san francisco giants / t-shirt design collaborated by lexie tiongson & kiri jones

loft life / year 2

Since we decided we’re going to be staying in our small & cozy artist loft for a couple of months, Fino and I are looking to spruce up the space a bit. We’re thinking of making it a little less industrial and a lot more simple. With the amount of stuff we’ve accumulated over the years, we thought it be a great time to minimize & have our space looking like these photos down below:


for the bed: moroccan pom pom wool blanket


for the common area: white couch with some wooden tables


for the kitchen: a small cart to use for essentials


for the dining area: two small stools and a table

let’s escape for 24

In less than a month, I’ll be exploring parts of New York with one of my best friends, Tamerra, who’s been living there for 2 years now! Its going to be a celebration for my 24th birthday. The last time I went to New York, it was about four years ago and Tamerra didn’t even live there. We were literally just scoping it out!


I’m doing tons of research on places to go in Brooklyn (that’s where she lives)! Looking at a map has been somewhat confusing but I’m jotting down vegan restaurants, coffee shops and bars as I go. Comment below if you have any suggestions or recommendations on places to visit in both Brooklyn & Manhattan!